Mastering is the final process performed after a track has been mixed. Mastering can not be achieved properly without having the right tools. For those of you who have never had one of your own songs professionally mastered, I encourage you to play any of your unmastered recordings against your favorite commercially released artist or band for comparison. Mastering is essential as it affects the loudness, clarity and overall definition of your song. If your song lacks volume and “sparkle”, then you will be amazed at what mastering will do. Skylab’s state of the art mastering equipment includes the best of analog and digital technologies and will take your music to the professional level. On CD text and ISRC encoding for commercial release are available at no extra charge. Masters are provided as 16Bit 44.1Khz WAV files and a 320KB Hi-Res MP3 is included for online digital release. Mastering is essential for any final product but even if you are recording a demo, Mastering will ensure that you stand out above the crowd.

Mastering Rate: $100 per song

Please call to schedule a time or follow the instructions below:

E-Mail Option

Please select number of songs

2) E-mail your uncompressed stereo mix audio file (WAV or AIFF) using a file transfer protocol such as Dropbox or We Transfer to:

3) Wait 48-72 Hours (This is the approximate wait time). A link will be sent to download your full resolution masters. Or if preferred, a CD Master can be mailed directly to your door.

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