Simply put, you can not have a professional level recording without the right tools. In order to capture the best recording you need access to industry standard mics, preamps, channel strips, effects, high definition (HD) converters, amplifiers and a knowledgable producer experienced in the art of engineering. Skylab features top names like Neuman, Universal Audio, Neve, SSL, Sennheiser, Telefunken, VOX, Shure, Manley, Teletronix, Ampeg, Waves and much more. The studio features multiple tracking rooms, high ceilings, interconnectivity between tracking areas as well as beautiful landscape views available from just outside the studio.

All recording channels at Skylab run through vintage analog preamps or high end tube preamps in order to create a warm, transparent and highly dimensional sound. Ultra-Premium “New Old Stock” Telefunken tubes from the 1950s and 1960s are used for all critical recording applications. But this is only the beginning…

Skylab’s live room has been professionally tuned and insulated. For fully optimized signal flow and transparency, the entire studio has been wired using the highest quality Mogami cabling available on the market. To create a punchy and vibrant drum sound, Skylab utilizes a wide variety of top condenser and dynamic microphones both new and vintage.

Skylab features full live band tracking room, an isolated vocal booth, a dedicated premium drum kit (which is always mic’d and ready) amp rooms and and a variety of instruments and amplifiers at your finger tips.

Vocal recording options feature both new and vintage microphones, Universal Audio’s acclaimed 6176 vintage channel strip and mic pre and much more. Custom tube preamps which utilize the highest quality Telefunken ECC83 & ECC81 tubes from the 1950s and 1960s are available as well multiple vintage speaker output options and vintage spring reverb for creating unique vocal tonalities. You will love the smooth and accurate sound of the vocal sound here at Skylab. I am an expert vocal editor highly versed in the art of vocal comp techniques and editing.

After all tracks have been recorded, we move on to mixing and editing. Skylab offers a wide variety of professional plug-ins and outboard gear for every kind of effect. From reverbs and delays, compressors & limiters, chorus, phasers, amp effects and more – let your imagination be your guide.

To book time please call: (818) 571-4595

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