Event Production

Skylab offers event production for both indoor and outdoor concerts, festivals and special engagements. We custom configure audio, lighting and backline needs to meet the requirements of your event. Whether you are festival with 5,000 attendees or a small party of just a few hundred, we can accommodate you. Our live sound engineers are experienced professionals with 1000s of hours of production experience. Please call today for a quote at (818) 571-4595.

Equipment list:

Our events feature the latest in digital mixing and speaker technologies combined with both DMX and analog lighting. Each stage comes with a full backline, a front of house engineer, monitor technician, stage manager and an on site coordinator. Our personnel efficiently perform set up and take down of all equipment and is well versed in the art of running an on time and smooth running event.


2x 32 Channel Digital Mixers w/ Gator Road cases & doghouse (Beh X32 Full Size)
8x Mackie SRM 750
4x Mackie Double 18 subs SRM 2850
8x QSC K12 Monitors
6x Mackie 450 Monitors
4x Mackie 350 monitors
1x UPS Furman F1500 extreme power conditioner
2x 40 Channel Heavy duty stage snake w/ upgraded neutrik monitor returns
1x Ampeg SVT Bass Head w/ Road Case
1x Ampeg 8×10 Cabinet
1x Ampeg SV15E 1×15 Cabinet
1x Roland JC 55 w/ 4×12 cabinent
1x Fender Pro Reverb amp
2x Vox AC30
1x Drum Kit – Premier 22,16,14 w/ stands
8x D.I. Boxes
10x Shure SM57
3x Shure SM58
2x Shure Beta 58
4x Shure Beta 57
1x Shure Beta 56
2x Audix D6
2x Audix D4
1x AKG D112
2x Sennheiser 421
3x Sennheiser E604
2x Sennheiser 609
2x Rode NT5
1x Industrial 1500w Smoke Machine


2x Heavy Duty 18′ Crank Stands w/ T-Bar adapters
5x 10′ Truss Beams
1x 15′ Triangle Truss
2x Heavy Duty Truss Base Plates
1x Leprecon 612 – DMX controller
3x Leprecon 6 channel MICROPLEX dimmer packs
1x Chauvet 6 channel DMX dimmer pack
1x 26′ custom power distributor (inside truss)
4x Leko Spots 550w
10x Par 56 MFL 300-500w
8x 64 Par cans
8x Chauvet LED crowd wash w/ barn doors DMX
4x DMX lightbars
2x LED scanners
4x Electro lights
1x Short Throw Projector
1x Long throw projector
1x 20′ Tee-Pee light pole
3x 100′ outdoor ambient lights  
1x Sharkstooth professional projection scrim 15′ x 30′
1x projection screen 16′ x 19′
16x Furman 6 channel Surge protectors for stage power

Please call for more information at (818) 571-4595

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